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Apple City Barbecue Recipe Ideas


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Apple City Barbecue
Based on an awarding BBQ sauce and spice blend, this recipe brings you the ultimate BBQ right to your own door. While this recipe uses pork ribs, use this on anything you'd like like. Beef brisket, chicken wings or since it makes anything taste good go ahead and buy that discount mystery meat, season that up and slow cook that too!
Dry rub:
10 tbsp black pepper
10 tbsp paprika
5 tbsp chili powder
5 tbsp red pepper
5 tbsp garlic powder
3 tbsp celery salt
1 tbsp dry mustard
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Finish sauce:
32 oz ketchup
8 oz soy sauce
8 oz apple cider vinegar
4 oz apple juice
4 oz Worcestershire sauce
1/3 cup onion, finely grated
1 medium golden delicious apple, grated
1/4 small bell pepper, grated
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp white pepper or to taste
1. Mix dry rub ingredients together. Rub into pork ribs. Put rubbed ribs into the refrigerator for 4 to 10 hrs before cooking.
2. Bring sauce ingredients to a boil. Then add in onion, apple and bell pepper. Cook until desired thickness.
3. Cook prepared ribs for about 5 1/2 to 7 hrs over charcoal kept at 180 to 200 degrees. Baste occasionally with warm apple juice.
4. Use soaked applewood chips in the fire to create a sweet flavor. About 30 min. before serving brush ribs with finish sauce. Right before serving, sprinkle on a bit more dry rub. Serve extra sauce on the side.

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